We are Webspool. Ready to help you be more

We believe in staying ahead of the technology and helping our clients do advanced as well. Which is why, we employ the most cutting-edge technologies - from automation to AI – even as they are being explored.
  • Whether you’re high up the career ladder or just starting out, the learning goes on at Webspool. Some great examples are the framework for executives, the refresher courses at our own corporate office , and even unconventional learning experiences like programs. Think of it as a great opportunity.
  • No matter what your business card says, you’ll get to be more at webspool. For starters, each of our employees is trained to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. This means, you learn to identify pressing problems around us all and work in your area of expertise to develop solutions that could not only be monetized for profits, but could potentially change the way.
    At Webspool, we welcome people with different passions, interests, nationalities, beliefs, and sexual orientations. Webspool is an inclusive workplace that’s a melting pot for cultures and ideas. With so much diversity, your work and your life will both be good.
    No two people are alike - we get it. And love it. Because we believe each one of us has something unique to offer. So no matter who you are or what you like, as long as you are passionate about what you do, you’ll find your potential and do great work.
    If you’re someone who goes beyond the call of duty, someone who doesn’t just do just what’s asked of them, but does all that can be done, all that must be done to be purposeful, then Webspool is the place for you. Because here, with everyevery we make, we strive to play a small part in humanity’s progress; Building the next generation of fuel-saving planes, making banking safer and even exploring digital farming.
    Yes, we are a corporation. But don’t for a moment assume that that means you will also be dealing with big-corporate-big-politics. We assure you you can shape and steer your career, beyond corporate hierarchy, solely on the basis of your passion, talent and ideas.
    Beyond solving business challenges for some of the biggest brands, you also get to tinker with new ideas for fun. The Webspool Global Hackathon is one such platform, where you can experiment with rapid prototyping approaches, get hands-on experience with open source and proprietary software tools and technologies, and engage with other talented designers and developers, finding solutions in areas as diverse as air pollution mapping, robotics, health, smart devices, sensors, apps, drones, and automation, to name a few.
    We believe in trusting our people with responsibility, and also in their passion and commitment to deliver. That’s why we offer great flexibility in our work hours and policies, so you can also invest time and energy in pursuits outside of work that are important to you. With this work-life balance, you’ll find there’s no reason to pine for the weekend at the start of every week.
    You’ll do well for yourself surely, but you’ll also get a chance to do some good for others. At Webspool, we believe that the distribution of wealth is as important as its creation. A strong sense of social responsibility is therefore an integral part of our value system. Webspool works hard at contributing to the society within which it functions and as a part of our organization, you can contribute to our CSR initiatives as well.